How to use Hydrosols?

How to use Hydrosols?

Truffles are much milder than essential oils, unlike most essential oils that should be diluted before they are applied to the skin, they can be applied directly to the skin.

They are generally safe for all ages, including people with sensitive skin and pets.

Although they are less concentrated than essential oils, they can provide subtle aromatherapy and therapeutic benefits.

Each lotion brings unique benefits to the skin. They can be used as a mild cleanser, make-up or cleanser, hair and scalp supplements or fragrance sprays.

They can be added to the bathtub, can also be used to make your own face moisturizer, can be used as air freshener spray, hair spray.

Searching the Internet can find many applications. I'm not going to spend too much space here, but what is worth discussing is whether the pure dew can be drunk or not?.

There is a saying that you can drink, but another group of people say you can't drink it. If you google it, you can find that there are different opinions;

After our actual investigation and our own experience, we conclude that:

If the safety can be 100% confirmed from the source (no pollution from planting method), harvesting to finished products, then it can be drunk in small amount.

Because we found that many truffles imported to Taiwan actually have preservatives added, even if they come from large foreign factories;

As we all know, the characteristics of pure dew are not easy to preserve, but how long does it take to import from abroad to Taiwan?

What's the temperature? In addition, some countries allow pure dew with 14% alcohol, which is legal.

Even some of the flowers are extracted with solvent. If you mention it, you must have the answer in your heart.

So why only a small amount?

In 1977, the National Academy of Sciences of the United States studied pure water through 50 research teams from nine countries,

It is concluded that pure water without minerals increases the morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular diseases.

"Distilled water is very popular on the market at present. Distilled water, as its name implies, is" pure water "after distillation,

Some people think that distilled water does not contain any ingredients, and there is a risk of malnutrition if you drink it for a long time,

And it can't be used to raise flowers and fish. Since pure water can't raise flowers and fish, how can we raise people?

Melon sellers always say that melons are sweet. Pure water is "acidic water" with a pH value of about 5.2-5.6, and can only be consumed in small quantities at most,

What is the small amount? As far as the research data we have found, there is no clear data,

However, whether you choose any pure dew product, you should know whether the product you purchased is safe or not:

Does this lotion contain preservatives?  

Is there any evidence that this product has been tested for microbial contamination?

Where is the product bottled?

Is the dew repackaged from bulk drums or other bulk stores?

Do you make it yourself? If so, how is it stored and how do you make sure it is not contaminated?

Is the production site certified?

Is the product prepared by mixing water or other chemical methods?

It may be a little troublesome for consumers to choose products, but as long as they know how to choose and keep them properly,

The use of pure dew is changeable, which is very suitable for home health care.

The pure dew used by Ci'Orip time traveler is the joint efforts of non-toxic planting and plant extraction experts as well as pharmaceutical grade biochemistry doctor. After more than three years, it has repeatedly tested the exclusive technology of maximum nutrient retention of plant extract, and improved the shortcomings of traditional and most pure dew. The main features are as follows:

1. Adhere to the plant source of non-toxic planting: in the extraction process, if the plant itself has pesticide residues, toxins will also be dissolved in the extraction process. Therefore, we should choose Taiwan non-toxic and friendly farming small-scale farmers as far as possible, obtain the freshest raw materials from the production area to the extraction, carry out the process, and co-exist with the original land.

2. Use sterile water: the quality of water itself is also the key to the distillation process. The raw water obtained from various pipes has different amounts of bacteria. Therefore, safe sterile water should be selected for distillation, so as to extract the most pure and unpolluted aroma of plants.

3. Retention of trace essential oil: in the process of strict control of extraction, the proportion of micro essential oil is about 0.02-0.5%, so as to completely retain the largest essence of water and oil phase of plants, and also use trace essential oil components to easily bring nutrient rich saturated water directly into the skin, without adding additional chemical penetration AIDS harmful to pores.

4. Pure no additive: it does not add pure water due to cost consideration to change the original chemical state of saturated water, and does not add any preservatives to cause skin sensitivity. Choose the shortest aging between ordering and manufacturing, and make vacuum packaging materials in a small number of times. It is suggested that the pure plant extract should be stored at low temperature as far as possible after contacting with air, and should be used up within 6 months after opening.

5. Copper pot distillation: Archaeology has found that copper pot distillation apparatus has been used in Han Dynasty. In ancient China, it was mainly used for alchemy, liquor making, flower dew steaming, etc. Copper has good resistance to acid substances in plants. Heating can form insoluble copper salts with butyric acid, hexanoic acid, octanoic acid, SUNIC acid, lauric acid and so on, which can discharge the acid of these harmful gases and indirectly inhibit bacteria, so as to obtain more pure essential oil and pure dew. Copper has excellent thermal conductivity and can save energy. Therefore, it has always been used as the best material for essential oil extraction in the West. It is also a distiller for extracting and retaining nutrients to the greatest extent. Using copper pot distillation and only take the first pure dew, the concentration is 3 times of the commercial pure dew, and can retain the best fragrance and total nutrients, but it takes 5 times more manpower and time than the stainless steel pot. For extremely delicate flowers, distillation with stainless steel pot will initially have a fermentation (sour, sour) smell, which will gradually improve after about 14 days of aging; while the pure dew distilled in copper pot can eliminate the aging process, and even if it is freshly extracted, the taste can be very mellow.

6. Production of qualified cosmetics factory: in Taiwan, farm directly extracted pure dew belongs to agricultural processing products, which can not be added or directly become qualified cosmetics and maintenance products due to not being subject to strict regulations and inspection on cosmetics. Ci'Orip  raw materials are produced by Taiwan's first qualified cosmetics factory, which meets the government's MSDS, COA and other raw material inspection standards, and takes a responsible attitude towards consumers.

Conclusion: nature gives us precious gifts. Everything has its own characteristics. Choose the appropriate pure dew carefully,

Carefully distinguish before purchase, do not listen to all kinds of advertisements, avoid buying products with essential oil or spices.

Safety is the first rule to choose any product. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Ci'Orip ~ simple, natural and ultimate beauty

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