Is beauty subtraction or addition?

Is beauty subtraction or addition?

Most of the aluminum bags selected from the market mask packaging have the advantages of shading and low cost. However, aluminum materials are easy to dissolve metal substances at high temperature, even if they are coated with other insulating materials, they are unable to recycle and reuse.

Chemical fiber mask cloth also has the advantage of low cost, but for sensitive skin, it is a sensitive source and must be abandoned.

The best hotbed for bacteria is to inject a maintenance solution full of nutrients into the fiber. What if you don't want to use all kinds of chemical preservatives, sterilizers and additives?

When more and more beauty products add many contents for various reasons, beauty will become more and more unreachable.

So we decided to choose subtraction, to think about mask with the simplest and most effective criteria, and make the following bold innovations:

1. Pure water instead of pure water: pure water molecules cannot be directly absorbed by the skin, but you do not want to add chemical penetration aids to make pores lose elasticity, so choose skin friendly all pure dew as the base.

2. To simplify the proportion of active ingredients: the active ingredients refer to the nutrients that can be converted into the skin through experiments. Adding a lot of ingredients will only reduce the proportion of each active ingredient; on the contrary, the use of silyl, mineral oil, synthetic ester or chemical thickener to make the texture appear thick, actually blocking skin absorption is also against the original intention of maintenance. Choose not to be favored by many gorgeous ingredients, but to match with the most effective active ingredients for skin, so that each nutritional value can make a real contribution.

3. Medical grade sterilization: in order to avoid irritation and injury to the skin's alcohol and preservatives, medical grade sterilizing technology is adopted to ensure that the mask does not cause any sensitive reactions. After repeated tests, the skin condition after laser surgery, sensitive and weak skin, and after sun exposure can not cause irritation.

4. Natural fiber mask cloth: the white Tencel cloth is made of 100% wood pulp, made of wood and plant rhizome fiber; the pink Camellia Mask cloth is straight from Camellia fiber; pale yellow mask cloth is taken from banana fiber. Environmental protection, natural, but also the use of two-way weaving technology to mask the cloth to the ability to fully fit the face, so there is the name of invisible cloth. The fibril structure of these naturally fibers is the smallest unit of fiber and the best carrier of essence. Through body temperature, nutrients can easily lead to the deep layer of skin.

5. Patent vacuum certification: in order to achieve the goal of completely using no preservatives, after numerous thoughts and experiments, he has become a completely non corrosive ingredient and has been certified by the patent. In order to reduce the environmental impact, food grade transparent plastic packaging material with heat resistance up to 121 ℃ can be used to preserve the best activity. It is suitable to heat and warm compress, and can also be recycled and reprocessed.


It is Ci'Orip's definition and pursuit of beauty.

Is beauty subtraction or addition?
Ci'orip believes that pure beauty is the ultimate.

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