Nature in Taitung

Taitung, located in the east of Taiwan, is a place that many people used to call the back mountain.

Perhaps it is the gift of underdevelopment, or the foresight of our ancestors,

The unique natural landscape makes this land the last pure land in Taiwan.

As for the front mountain and the back mountain, it is not so important.

Into plum rain season, continuous rainfall for several days eased the drought in Taiwan's reservoirs, but also caused water accumulation in some areas;

Fortunately, there is not much rain in Taitung. Taking advantage of the rain, we will not let "Huangmei day" become a "mouldrains",

Step on scultura 92 (Stella 92) to the living water lake in the forest park,

Standing on the side of the lake, you can't see the blue sky in front of you. The sunshine hides shyly, but the freshness after the rain makes you feel natural and comfortable.


During the ride, countless snails were seen walking on the road. The continuous heavy rain and humid and mild climate made these African immigrants to move.

Snails, commonly known as "dew snails" and "road snails", are native to Africa and are the largest land snails in Taiwan. The real name is the African giant snail, which is most common in 7-8 cm.

It is reported that the African snails were introduced to Taiwan from Singapore by a Japanese professor from the Taipei Imperial University in 1932 (or 1933) during the Japanese occupation. However, due to the lack of planning and fecundity, the supply exceeds demand.

In order to avoid this group of shellfish mollusks, we slowed down the speed, for fear that they would be accidentally pressed.

As a child, these snails can be seen everywhere, but now it is difficult to see a large number of them due to the destruction of plants, the natural environment, excessive use of pesticides and catch;

Although they have a strong reproductive capacity, snails move slowly and are confined to small areas. As long as their living environment is damaged, they are likely to die in large numbers.

Just like today's earth, resources suffer from excessive consumption, natural ecology is out of balance, and human life in the future is also challenged.

The occurrence of covid-19 new type coronavirus is an opportunity for human beings to think comprehensively once again.

In the absence of human activities, the earth has really become beautiful and clean. The Himalayas, with its air pollution falling, its river bottom clear and visible, has become beautiful and clean.

Being is a chance for human beings to reflect and breathe for the earth. Human beings often think that they have the highest wisdom, but they are actually the biggest destroyers.

Nature is the real wisdom of the planet.

Learning from nature, embracing nature and living in nature, nature is in Taitung.

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