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😍SAVE YOUR SCALP AND HAIR - When deciding which conditioner to use, it is decided by the condition of the hair. If the hair is color serviced and is coarse hair, use the Enrich Daily Conditioner. Otherwise, for normal, healthy hair, use the Restore Daily Conditioner. Both conditioners can be used for salon deep treatments and both can be used as a leave-in treatment. For leave-in treatment, use a smaller dose.

😍YOUR HEALTH IS PRICELESS! TRANSFORMING LIVES - The Restore Daily Conditioner, plant based ingredients, help protect and heal scalp/skin. It is also beneficial at promoting the production of collagen creating moisture balance on the scalp and hair. Smooths, adds shine., and is much healthier than lathering agents found in many shampoos.

😍ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Rosmarinus / Rosemary Extract, Litsea Cubeba Oil, Ginger Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Helps reduce tight, dry, flaky, itchy scalp, and helps stimulate blood flow to hair follicles helping to produce strong healthy hair.

😍PLANT BASED - PURELAND Beauty products are 100% plant based. They are cruelty-free and use high quality natural ingredients. The products are vegan and they are never tested on animals. They do not contain any parabens and are free of sulfates. PURELAND products are packaged in boxes made from recycled paper.

😍HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT CONDITIONER AND SHAMPOO - So why should you switch to natural hair care products? If you want to be healthy and want to know exactly what the ingredients are doing for you, then PURELAND is for you!


Naturally Beautiful Hair Pureland Beauty is all about the purity of our products and the ingredients we use. Restore Daily Conditioner combines the power of 5 herbs to provide your scalp and hair with special nutrition to produce stronger hair.

Hair Energy Boost Rosemary extract contains nutrients to regenerate and protect your scalp cells damaged by sun and free radicals. Rosemary also stimulates blood flow to hair follicles helping to produce strong healthy hair.

Ginger has an antibacterial feature and stops bacteria growth on the scalp, reducing unbalanced scalp disorders. Sweet almond oil is a vitamin burst for your hair and scalp. Moisturizing and Detangling Effect The special moisturizing ability of olive oil makes your hair soft and gives it a special shine.

Your hair becomes easier to brush and looks smoother. Directions: After cleansing hair with a PURLAND Cleansing Dew apply a small amount of Restore Daily Conditioner to damp hair, massage gently throughout hair and on the scalp. Allow to remain on hair and scalp for up to 3 minutes to achieve maximum botanical healing benefits.

Specifications Ingredients: Rosmarinus / Rosemary Hydrosol, Litsea Cubeba Oil, Ginger Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol

NO Sulfates

NO Parabens

NO Artificial fragrance

NO Animal ingredients

NO Chemicals

No Animal testing

PLEASE NOTE: Because PURELAND products use 100% natural plant-based ingredients the natural fragrance will slightly change depending on what season the botanicals are harvested. Also, because of the natural ingredients, the contents must be finished within 6 months after opening.

Package Contents: Pureland Enrich Daily Conditioner 8.5 oz. / 250ml



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