What is the best treatment for hair loss?

DHT causes hair loss?

Everyone talks about DHT being the cause of hair loss, but no one seems to ask why some people have high DHT levels but don't lose hair. To me, it's clear that DHT itself is not the cause. Everyone says it's because some people's hair follicles are more sensitive to the effects of DHT, which is why they lose hair and others don't. It feels a bit wrong. Something doesn't feel right about that. I mean, why are some people's hair follicles more sensitive to DHT?

I find that DHT causes significant changes in our scalp environment - more so in some people - especially those with high cortisol levels. Stress causes inflammation, which leads to scalp fibrosis (fibrosis is scarring). I have found that anxiety, depression, and other stressors significantly increase scalp inflammation and DHT has devastating consequences for the hair.

Unfortunately, some people are more susceptible to the effects of stress, which leads to inflammation and high DHT levels, which in turn leads to fibrosis of the scalp follicles, destroying them.

The result is that your hair follicles are completely destroyed and eventually your scalp becomes shiny due to the fibers.

You may have noticed that the scalp of someone who is bald seems to be very tight and shiny. This is fibrosis (note that scarred skin looks shiny and hairless.)

Natural is the right way.

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