What is true hydrolate?

We often receive many questions from customers, asking “what is hydrosols”.

With more and more consumers’ interest in personal care and beauty care products containing plant ingredients growing steadily, hydrosols is becoming more and more popular.

Hydrosols and essential oil are often discussed together, which makes sense, because it is impossible to make essential oil without producing pure dew at the same time.

In Wikipedia, hydrosols is interpreted as herbal wastes, also known as horizontal waters, hydrosols, hydrolates, herbal waters, and essential waters.

In Taiwan, hydrosols is often called flower water and plant water. But it’s not true to call flower water. There are many sources of pure dew, which can also be distilled from leaves, bark, stems, roots and other parts of plants.

The word “hydro LAT” comes from Latin “hydro”, which means water, “LAT” comes from French “lait”, which means milk like saturated water phase.

The word hydro sol is a combination of the two words “water” and “Sol”.

It sounds simple. However, if you want to buy real hydrosols, it becomes a little difficult because there are too many products named similar.

Even more puzzling is that there are other products, such as distilled water, plant water, flower fragrance, aromatic perfume, etc. In the “natural” product market, many terms can be used interchangeably with the term “pure dew”. Although some of these products may be true truffles, others may be completely different products, some may even be chemically synthesized.

What is true dew?
Hydrosols is an ancient human wisdom. It can extract the plants, such as leaves, flowers, pericarps, berries, wood, stems and roots, which are beneficial to human body, and use them in the way of water vapor for skin care and even for vegetables. Through the repeated circulation distillation, the pure dew can make the extraction liquid reach the ultimate saturation state, so as to extract all kinds of nutrients contained in the plant and make the most use of them. The floating oil phase becomes water essential oil, while the water-soluble nutrients become vaporized saturated water. The chemical molecules are more delicate than pure water and can be easily absorbed by the human body. In particular, the water-soluble therapeutic properties of hydrosols do not exist in essential oil.

Just like essential oil, there are many factors that affect the quality of hydrosols. These factors include: the annual weather changes when harvesting plants, the proportion of plant substances and water entering the distiller, which parts of the plant are used, the heat of distillation, the length of distillation process, the type of distiller, etc. Similarly, although both essential oil and pure dew are the products of plant distillation, essential oil is a very concentrated oil in the distillation process. Pure dew is an aqueous by-product in the distillation process, which contains a very small amount of essential oil. Although I think it is accurate to call hydrosols the by-product of distillation of pure essential oil, the mineral nutrients contained in it are what essential oil lacks.

Essential oils and truffles have been distilled for thousands of years. Interestingly, the main focus of ancient distillers was on pure dew rather than essential oil. When essential oil became popular in the late 17th century, western countries stopped using hydrosols.

They are regarded as unwanted by-products and residues produced in the distillation process of essential oil. However, the pure dew contains a small amount of “acid” and “fat” substances. Its chemical structure is different from that of ordinary pure water, which is very helpful for body conditioning and has various therapeutic and maintenance effects on the skin.

The biggest feature of the pure dew used by Ci’Orip time travelers is that through the joint efforts of non-toxic planting, plant extraction experts and pharmaceutical level biochemical doctors, after more than three years, the exclusive technology of plant extraction and maximum nutrition retention has been repeatedly tested, without any anti-corruption agent, using copper pot distillation, extracting and retaining the natural plant nutrients to the greatest extent and only taking the first place Tao pure dew, so as to get more pure essential oil and hydrosols.

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