Most of the aluminum bags selected from the market mask packaging have the advantages of shading and low cost. However, aluminum materials are easy to dissolve metal substances at high temperature, even if they are coated with other insulating materials, they are unable to recycle and reuse.

Chemical fiber mask cloth also has the advantage of low cost, but for sensitive skin, it is a sensitive source and must be abandoned.

It is the best hotbed for bacteria to inject the maintenance solution with full nutrition into the fiber. What if you don't want to use all kinds of chemical preservatives, disinfectants and additives?

When more and more beauty products add many contents for various reasons, beauty will become more and more inaccessible.

We decided to choose subtraction, make bold innovation with the most simple and effective criteria, use the knowledge of medical related fields, join hands with non-toxic planting, plant extraction experts and pharmaceutical level biochemical doctors to work together. After more than three years, we repeatedly tested the exclusive technology of plant extraction with the largest nutrition retention, and pursue the ultimate beauty in simplicity

Simple, natural and beautiful - PURELANDCARE