Pureland Beauty Pure Natural Rejuvenate Shampoo, Organic Ingredients, Dry Scalp Treatment, Anti Dandruff Sulfate-Free, Hair Growth, Color Safe - 8.5 oz

Pureland Beauty Pure Natural Rejuvenate Shampoo, Organic Ingredients, Dry Scalp Treatment, Anti Dandruff Sulfate-Free, Hair Growth, Color Safe - 8.5 oz

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About Rejuvenate Shampoo


No more poor hair days due to dry scalp and thinning hair, our complete formula scalp relieves dryness and is breakable improving hair manageability as well as your hair soft and smooth. This shampoo is created with all organic elements and does not include any of the components that would damage your hair.


The herbal smell of this shampoo is very joyful, and it is perfect for women, men, and all family members, using it your hair would be more peaceful, healthy, and fuller than before, and you may not need the conditioner. Help your hair feel softer and thicker with sulfate-free and herbal smell hair rinse and hair loss shampoo.


All-natural ingredients protect and strengthen your hair, Saponaria Officinalis, Tea Tree Oil, Ginger Oil, Spearmint Oil, Rosemary Oil, White Grapefruit Oil, Aloe Vera extract, Maris sal; Dead Sea Saltsthese all include in this Shampoo that helps fight hair loss by reducing your hair strands falling while showering


Our Saponaria Officinalis Herbal and Saponaria botanicals save your hair from different damage induced by external facets that lead to thinning hair and also improve the overall health of your hair, it supports stimulating blood flow to hair strands supporting to create strong healthful hair.


We are sure about our product and, we always promise to give the best product and service as it’s our priority to satisfy our valued customers, in case you face any inconvenience or need any information.


All-natural foaming wash

One of the distinguishing features of other hair care products is the lather of the shampoo. Sulfates are typically added to boost the lather in shampoo products and make you feel like the shampoo is working. However, they are not necessary for the shampoo to work.

The PURELAND Cleansing Dews use Saponaria Officinalis, which is a herb that works as a natural soap-like product.

The Saponaria botanical is an all-natural foaming wash extract that makes all the healthy difference; You'll find it healthier than shampoo on the market.

How to use Rejuvenate Shampoo

Note! Not like other natural products, the ingredients are all extracted from plants, and no water is added. The bottle may not appear full due to the manufacturing process. Can be used for the face, hair & body.

Also, because of the all-natural ingredients, the contents must be finished within 6 months after opening.

Cleansing Dew Directions: Apply a small amount to damp hair, massage gently throughout the hair, and on the scalp working. Allow cleansing dew to remain on hair and scalp for 3 minutes to achieve maximum botanical healing benefits.

Package Contents: Cleansing Dew 8.5 oz./250ml;

PURELAND Products Chino, CA USA



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Target Gender


Hair Type

Oily, Dry, Normal

Material type free


NO Sulfates,

NO Parabens,

NO Artificial fragrance,

NO Animal ingredients,

NO Chemicals of any kind



ELC holistically combines Eastern botanical philosophy with natural oils and Western technology to create products as natural as possible that still deliver amazing performance. Our products are specifically designed to heal and protect hair and scalp. We use the finest natural botanicals and oils available to restore and maintain your hair’s youthful beauty.

We thoughtfully develop high-quality products while maintaining standards that are gentle to the land we live in.

From this philosophy, we created the PURELAND product line. At PURELAND beauty we believe in purity in our products and the land we use to grow our conditioning botanicals. So, we use “Natural Farming” techniques.

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