Can facial mask remove blackheads?

Can facial mask remove blackheads?

What is blackhead?

Blackheads are small dark bumps that form on your skin. Mild acne type,

Most common in the face (especially nose and chin), but may also affect:

  • back
  • shoulder
  • Neck
  • chest

Black spots are actually blocked hair follicles. Why do they appear? When the hair follicles are blocked, they form blackheads.

People are born with about five million hair follicles. Each contains a hair and a sebaceous gland. This gland produces oil (called sebum) which helps to soften the skin.

When your skin cells die, they accumulate in the hair follicles and mix with the sebum oil to form a blockage. Move to the surface of the skin to bulge, forming what is called acne. There are open and closed acne. Blackhead is an open acne that forms when the skin around the bulge is opened and exposed to oxygen. Oxygen blackens the sebum.

Closed pimples are blocked by thickened cuticles, and the blisters are wrapped inside. They usually form white heads or inflamed pimples.

How to remove blackhead?

The Internet is full of DIY blackheads, but we don't recommend you try them. It turns out that most of these methods are harmful to many people, causing skin damage or inflammation and, in some cases, very severe pain.

You may have heard that it has been suggested to look for ingredients containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid or a combination of the two, as these chemical exfoliators help to relax dead skin cells and oil that may clog hair follicles.

But is exfoliation right?

In terms of skin medicine, the cuticle is the outermost layer of the skin. It shoulders the important responsibility of protecting the internal tissues and organs. The key points of facial maintenance include cleanliness, moisturizing, anti acne, anti aging and compactness, and skin moisture, skin color, skin and health are also closely related to the stratum corneum.

In theory, the more important thing for the skin is to "protect the cuticle" rather than "exfoliate". If there is no proper sun protection measures after exfoliation, it is easy to induce the formation of black spots and pigmentation.

How to use mask to remove blackheads

The key to remove blackhead is to follow the facial cleaning and maintenance, which includes the following steps:

Facial cleansing

Application mask

Facial cleansing

1. Appropriate frequency: wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and in the evening. This can remove the grease on the skin. Don't try to wash more - over cleaning can actually irritate your skin and aggravate acne.

2. Suitable products: it is very important to choose the products suitable for you.


Oily products - these can lead to the formation of new blackheads.

Thick lotions and creams - they clog pores rather than dredge pores.

Irritating ingredients, such as alcohol (unfortunately, most products have this ingredient, or a similar one), peppermint, lemon, or eucalyptus.

3. Cool water temperature: the water temperature of washing face is lower than the skin temperature is the most appropriate.

4. gently treat: face cream should be squeezed into the palm of your hand before being used, kneaded into foam or liquid, then applied to the face skin. The hands should be moved and cleaned without pressing.

5. clean fast wash: when all skin is clean, rinse off the foam with water. Do not let the foam stay on your face for too long. It is best to finish in 30 seconds.

Application mask

Like most skin care products, the effect depends on the person using it. Everyone's skin is different, and for you, great results may have no effect on others at all, and vice versa. Choosing products with higher naturalness will be a better direction.

It is important to choose high quality products. It is also important to test your skin before applying the product to the entire face.

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