ELC Olove Moisturizing Conditioner

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ELC Moisture Conditioner is a highly moisturizing Conditioner for everyday use on all hair types. The rich botanical formula will leave your hair detangled, soft, shiny, manageable and most importantly repaired and healthy. This super product also helps protects from color fading and seals your cuticle to help keep color vibrant. 

This product is also ideal for use if you have had a Keratin smoothing treatment. Silk amino acids rebuild and replace lost nutrients and leave your high dollar salon services looking its best. 

Key Ingredients: Certified Organic Olive Oil D-Panthenol, Coconut Oil Borango Seed Oil Silk Amino Acids Nettle Extract Pure Olove products are rich in Certified Organic Olive Oil, Natural Botanicals and other beneficial oils, many are sustainably sourced from rainforests. 

A special blend of these natural ingredients provide remarkable healing and moisture repair on all hair types including fine hair. We have created many products with a unique blend of Olive extract and D-Panthenol that creates fullness without ever drying out the hair, in fact fine hair will be hydrated, healthy, shiny and full bodied! We thoughtfully develop high quality products while maintaining standards that are gentle to our environment. Our respect for nature is clear, from how we create our products to our environmentally friendly packaging.

  • ULTRA MOISTURIZING: This rich, moisturizing formula loaded with Certified Organic Olive Oil and Coconut Oil is ideal to detangle, protect and re-hydrate dry hair whether from chemical services, swimming pools, the beach or just from an active lifestyle. ELC PURE OLOVE Moisture shampoo will also maintain the vital moisture balance needed to keep hair healthy, touchable and shiny.
  • ORGANIC OLIVE OIL: Rich deep penetrating light weight moisture adds and maintains the proper hydration balance in hair and delivers amazing shine.
  • HEALING, NATURAL BOTANICALS: Organic Oils and natural botanicals repair and heal damage, hair feels soft and naturally touchable, conditioned and shiny.
  • SILK AMINO ACIDS: Silk Proteins target and repair damage done to the hair by color, bleach, highlights or any other chemical service. Repair and strengthen.
  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS AND ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: Our products are specifically designed to heal and protect hair and scalp. We use the finest natural botanicals and oils available to restore and maintain your hairs youthful beauty.